Our Story

Bully sticksThe Happy Chew store was born from a new love! Since he was a child, my son always wanted his own dog. The big day finally came and on his 18th anniversary, Maxou came into our home. A gorgeous black Labrador puppy of 8 weeks old. The entire family fell instantly in love with that awesome 4 legs! We quickly understood that we had to find him toys and treats to chew on. Unfortunately, all chewing treats were upsetting his stomach except for raw bones. Not to mention that these raw bones are not very practical to give around the house or to bring with you when you visit someone. Interested in food, I took courses in dog nutrition and that's where I discovered the famous bully sticks that Maxou loves so much. Now, it's your turn to introduce those yummy bully sticks to your doggo!


Bully sticks

WELL-BEING OF YOUR DOG  Part of your dog's health depends on his diet. That's why we offer natural dog chews made from a single ingredient without additives or chemicals and easily digestible.

FOOD SAFETY  It is our top priority. Our dog chews are prepared in facilities that meet the standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

CIRCULAR ECONOMY  Waste management concerns us all! We collect the parts of the animal (human consumption) that are not used by humans to produce our healthy chewy.

QUEBEC COMPANY We are proud to meet the needs of furry friends in the community of Quebec, Ontario and Canada.