5 good reasons to buy our Bully Sticks !

Our bully sticks help to calm your doggo
Would you like to work, eat and do your activities without disturbance? Depending on the size and chewing strength of your dog, our bully sticks can take a dog from many minutes to multiple days to chew through. More important, chewing stimulates a release of endorphins that reduce your dog's anxiety. Easy to bring. It is a clean option 100% digestible. Really convenient for indoor use.
Our bully sticks clean your dog's teeth
 Your dog needs to go for a walk, play, eat and be loved. But do you know, your pup also needs to chew everyday? With a yummy natural long lasting chew bully stick, your dog fills his chewing needs while removing tartar from his teeth. Bully stick also promote strong jaw muscles. They are excellent for a better dental health for your dog.

Our Bully sticks help to control your dog's weight
Would you like to know the list of ingredients in his treats? Bully stick is so simple! It contains only one ingredient: dehydrated beef. In fact, it's beef pizzle! No additives, no chemicals. Our bully sticks are prepared in facilities that meet the standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Food And Drug Administration (FDA). It is a 100% digestible, high-protein and low-fat treat. Here's  the nutritional analysis of our bully sticks: protein 86,38%, fat 4,01%, fiber 1,54%. moisture 8,07%.

Our bully sticks are hand weighed
Since a bully stick is a natural product (beef pizzle), the shape and size will definitely vary. That being said, weight (grams) is the best indicator to compare longevity of a bully stick. That's why all of our bully sticks are individually weighed and classified according to their weight. A bully stick can be very round and big but also empty inside so it won't last as long. You will find the weight range of our different bully stick sizes in the product description.

Our bully sticks: yummy for your pup and good for your wallet!
Our bully sticks are available individually or in bundles to save you more money.