Bully Stick vs Collagen Stick

What’s the difference between bully stick and collagen for dog? Différences entre bully stick et collagène?


You probably know that chewing is an essential need for all dogs. However, choosing the best chew treat for your dog can be tricky.

When we talk about natural chew treats, the majority of people will immediately think of bully sticks since all dogs love this healthy option! However, there are several other natural healthy chewing treats on the market such as collagen sticks, which are gaining in popularity!

What are the differences between bully stick and collagen stick?

Although, both are similar in appearance, these two long lasting chew have several differentiating elements.

1- Ingredients & benefits

Bully sticks and collagen sticks are treats made from a single beef ingredient but sourced from different parts of the animal.

What is a bully stick? It's the beef pizzle.
What is a collagen stick? It's the inner layer of beef skin.

Both contain a high level of protein but collagen is less fatty than bully stick with a fat content less than 1%.

Collagen is known to help maintain healthy bones, joints and tendons as well as improve digestion problems and the appearance of the coat.
No doubt collagen is a great treat for active or older dogs!

2- Chewing time

Bully sticks and collagen sticks are known to occupy your dog and help remove dental tartar since they offer a long chewing time.

However, the chew time of a collagen stick will usually be longer than a bully stick of the same weight.

3- Flavor

Bully stick have a stronger natural flavor than collagen stick.
This is usually what drives dogs crazy! The stronger smell and taste of bully stick will therefore attract dogs that are more picky. Some dogs may not be interested in collagen stick because they prefer the smell of bully stick!

4- Price

 Collagen stick is cheaper than a bully stick of the same weight.

Why? Everything depends on the availability of the raw material!
Since there's only one pizzle per beef, the raw material is more limited compared to the collagen that comes from the inner layer of beef skin.

5- Digestibility

Bully sticks break down easier in the stomach than collagen sticks, especially when your dog swallows a large chunk. Use a bully stick-collagen holder to prevent your dog sucking up the last 3 inches of the stick.

Some dogs are more sensitive to collagen than others, which can result in softer stools. It is always recommended to offer a new product to your dog in moderation to see if your dog reacts well (10 minutes to start).

In conclusion
A collagen stick usually lasts longer than a bully stick, it is less greasy, less odorous and less expensive!  
So just give it a try to see if your doggo will like it!

IMPORTANT : always offer a chew treat under supervision!